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Building A Business, LLC

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Building A Business (BAB) is the umbrella that holds all of my career dreams in one place. This executive division provides governance to all my business,  social media, partner sites and content across the web.


My name is Jerry Flanagan and “simple” is better…..Enjoy! Profile:



Business Intelligence Competency Center Projects

The Business Intelligence department assists customers with data decision systems on the cloud or in legacy environments. Jerry Flanagan works with over 400 high-end network professionals to implement & manage Business Intelligence Competency Centers (BICC) and Enterprise Data Decision Systems worldwide on the cloud network.


If you need over 16 years of experience and want to be successful in your project contact Jerry Flanagan on LinkedIn. Profile:





Social Media Specialist & Web Content Manager

Jerry Flanagan has gained confidence from over 18,000+ social media fans across 10 company brands by providing energetic, knowledgeable and inspirational content since the year 2010. Keeping this social media fan base engaged has given Jerry Flanagan the skills needed to run an effective Social Media and Web Site Content program for any company brand name.


Proficiencies provided for any company brand are as follows:


·        Develop a company brand strategy and plan

·        Lead the company social media program

·        Participate in brand social media channels

·        Monitor & report on competitors and trends

·        Manage and train a social media team

·        Work with different social media agencies

·        Work with internal business units and stakeholders

·        Manage the social media budget

·        Implement and manage social media polices and processes.


To have Jerry Flanagan help your brand with managing social media and web site content programs please contact him on LinkedIn. Profile:




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