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Building A Business, LLC

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Building A Business, LLC (a.k.a. BAB) is the umbrella that holds all of my dreams in one place. This executive division provides governance to all my business social media sites, partners and content across the web.


My name is Jerry Flanagan and “simple” is better…..Enjoy! Profile:



IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Projects


The Business Intelligence (a.k.a. BI) department assists IBM Cognos customers with version 7, 8 & 10 Projects. Jerry Flanagan works with over 400 high-end network professionals to implement & manage Business Intelligence Competency Centers (BICC) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) projects successfully.


If you need over 16 years of experience in your enterprise level Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) and Data warehouse project, email or call Jerry Flanagan using one of these channels. Profile:


IBM Cognos Business Analytics:

 – Peace be the Journey


Life and Friendship philosopher!


CigarPlayer means Playing with Premium Cigars, Gourmet food and VIP cocktails while having fun with our friends. This department is the spirit in all of us (after our day jobs are over). We provide Cigar Bars (with Premium Cigar selections) at events. The type of events we like to host combine wine, music, food, cocktails, promotional parties, cigar clubs, cigar events, concerts and life discussions while smoking cigars. We get paid to party! “Paris Hilton invented it, we are living it!”.



To Buy Cigars Online go to our site at:


To Request a Cigar Bar for your event visit our site at:


For questions, cigar prices and event booking contact the Vice President of Sales:
Lauren Totman




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